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Karina R.

Dr. and staff are very kind and professional. My son felt very confident and great after surgery. Thank you for your work and your care.

Patricia G.

Dr. Remedios is the best 10 of out 10. I had high anxiety but Dr. Remedios made me feel like a loved family member. Words cannot express my sincere gratitude to such a skilled surgeon and his kind and assuring words made this surgery a breeze. Kudos....

Chasity J.

Very great service. Dr. Remedios and his staff made me feel very welcomed .The procedure was quick and efficient. I would gladly go back for any future surgeries.

Ana S.

The whole medical staff was great from the beginning, the procedure was nice and not painful, recovery is great as well. I had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted and I could say I did not know what pain was.

Sandra S.

Dr. Remedios has seen 2 of my high boys for wisdom teeth extraction. Both procedures where very smooth, no swelling and everyone is very professional. I highly recommend Dr. Remedios and his staff for wisdom teeth extraction.

Laura K.

There are so many great things I have to say about my experience at Dr. Remedios office. From the time I made my appointment to having my wisdom removed, it was smooth and painless. I was very very nervous about the procedure but Dr. Remedios and his staff reassured me that everything would be okay and it was. My recovery has been flawless. His staff made sure I was okay even after I made it home the day of my procedure. The nurse called me later on that afternoon to see how I was feeling! That was awesome. I made the right decision going to Dr. Remedios office. I appreciate them very much. 10 stars

Alva S.

Although at first I was frightened at the thought of my wisdom teeth being the removed, the moment I walked in i was soothed by the well-trained and thoughtful nurses whom went over every step keeping me notified of what was going to happen. And after the surgery I was well taken care of and given post-op instructions that made my recovery quick and efficient. Thank you so much to Dr. Remedios and his wonderful staff!

Mary H.

I was very happy with my wisdom tooth surgery. I have always been scared to death of dentists. I had no fear, and no pain. I wish that I had met the staff earlier in my life. Many kudos to the work that they do. Thank you!!!

Kim J.

My 15 year old son had his wisdom teeth removed a little over a week ago. I was shocked at how quickly the procedure was completed. Dr. Remedios was very professional as well as his staff. They answered all of our questions and made our son feel comfortable the minute he woke up from the surgery. Will be telling everyone to use this office for their oral surgery needs!

Maria H.

I had four wisdom teeth removed and the procedure was a lot faster and easier than I expected. I had a smooth and quick recovery due to the very helpful information provided. The staff was very professional and gave great service. I am highly satisfied.


My daughter visited Dr. Remedios to have all 4 wisdom teeth pulled. I had been putting off some work I needed done. But after her experience I made the appointment. Dr. Remedios, Lori and Cari were courteous, professional and made me feel very comfortable. The surgery went smoothly. 5 Star service!!!! Thank you all.

Pamela L.

Dr. Remedios and his staff are great! They are very cordial, geniune and able to create a very warm, comfortable and soothing environment.I was reluctant to have my wisdom teeth pulled, but Dr. Remedios and staff were awesome. My surgery was on November 5, 2013 and I have already recommended my aunt.Thanks, Dr. Remedios and staff.

Michael B.

Dr. Remedios and his staff were very friendly. The office was very clean and welcoming. I had wisdom teeth taken out. It was a breeze! I felt no pain in the office and also when I got home. My recovery time was fast! I could barely tell that I had my wisdom teeth taken out. I would recommend this office to anyone!!!

Vivian H.

I patronized Dr. Remedios some 17 years ago, remembering his demeanor, and I chose his services again 5/7/13 due to a similar problem. Glad I did! His “bedside” manner is superb and the same can be said of his staff. I highly recommend his surgical expertise. There were no tears, no pain. Thank you.

Jaquetta R.

I was referred to Dr. Remedios by my general dentist, and I’m glad I took his advice. The office has a warming atmosphere, and the staff is very polite and friendly. I had oral surgery a little over a week ago (12/14/12) ,and this was my first time ever having a tooth pulled and dealing with an abcesss and infection of that size. Dr. Remedios was very open, detailed, and patient with me while discussing my treatment plan and needs. He answered all my questions and concerns with care but very honestly. He is gentle, caring, and he (and his staff) respects his patients and don’t rush us off. I didn’t feel any pain, just pressure at times. He is a wonderful oral surgeon, and I plan to go back to him. I strongly recommend you give him a try.

Ryan B.

Dr. Remedios and his staff are an extremely professional group. I had 2 wisdom teeth pulled (3 years prior) from a previous doctor before visiting Dr. Remedios to remove the remaining 2 teeth. I thought my experience when removing the 1st 2 teeth was a good one until I met Dr. Remedios and his staff. My remaining 2 wisdom teeth were no picninc when removing. One was impacted and cracked so I planned for the worse. Within a 45 minute time-span both teeth were removed without any pain. My recovery time was exteremly short compared to my previous experience. My appointment was at 9:00am and by 1:00pm (after sleeping off the remaining anesthesia) I was up and going as if nothing happened. I still had to heal and follow the doctor’s instructions, but it was a breeze. Thank you very much, Dr. Remedios!!

Antoinette E.

Dr. Remedios and his staff were able to make me feel comfortable about a surgery that I have avoided having for 5 years. The entire staff was very professional, caring, and understanding. My entire experience was great… I want to say “Thank You” to Dr. Remedios and your staff… I feel great.

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